nice day for a white wedding

Nothing bites one in the ass quite so hard as watching your offspring marry.  I’m no exception even though I was just an uncle this time.  But isn’t it just so wonderful?  These youngsters  portray such a fine example of the continuity of the world and our place in it.  Our kind will just keep on going and going and it is times like this that confirm the workings of God and man.

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Couperthwaite

Eyebrows are being raised, I can feel it.  Look here my friends it’s not every day we get to graze with the big cows over in the really green grass on the other side of the fence.  It’s nice when you do, just don’t think it will happen often.  Believe me, I had the best time of any wedding in recent memory and wish only the best for the newlywed couple.  God Bless.

One more daughter to go, beautiful Jenna.

My niece Julia, oldest daughter of my sister Joan and her husband Jeff, lives in Boulder, CO as does her mom and dad and her new husband Andrew.  However, Julia wanted her wedding to be held in the Connecticut town where she grew up so all her friends there could attend as well as her grandparents, who would have an easier time at sea level instead of in rarified Colorado. Wasn’t that thoughtful?  Yes it was.  That was not the only detail considered, as this wedding took over a year in the planning and nothing was overlooked.  Not anything.  The only glitch I was aware of was local traffic made the ceremony a few minutes late, which by the way,  gave the sun time to tuck behind trees much to the relief of the audience and the photographers.  It was all good as Martha Stewart would say.  She lives nearby.

Proud parents of the gorgeous couple.

We drove there Friday and attended an apres-rehearsal party that evening where we met the bridal party and enjoyed cocktails and a delicious supper before returning to our hotel.  Saturday was spent getting ready for the big event and, afterward on Sunday morning, we went to a outdoor breakfast down by Long Island Sound before our return trip to Vermont.  Action packed, that’s us.

The Kirbach contingent.

The honeymooners have flown to the Cook Islands, half-way around the world, a place where they can find themselves before they commence their new life as a couple.  And to begin the cycle of life once more.

rpk, 7/7/2016