ups and downs

dandelion fieldDandelion Acres, Charlotte, Vermont


One might think people who live in temperate climates would be used to changing seasons and to expect the vagaries which always come.  We do, for the most part, but in May when temperature swings can be extreme being-used-to-it doesn’t always matter.  Last week was so nice, seventy degree days and lots of sun. Today our thermometer read thirty-eight to start and hasn’t hit forty-five.  How can you not complain?  woodpile_16And, to gently remind us that the approaching warmer months won’t last, Mr. Frederick dropped off two truckloads of firewood this afternoon!


Walkabout, our sailboat, has new bottom paint and some freshened brightwork, woodwork that is, and will go back in Lake Champlain in early June. walkabout_5_13_16 She was pretty beat-up from two years in the Atlantic and needed some loving.  She doesn’t know it yet but I want to take her back out there for another run this Fall.

Compliments of John Bootle, Jeanne now has her very own burgee.  SWSSIt’s the SWSC flag: Scared Wives Sailing Club.

She has another name for it…


This cold snap will be gone in a couple days and we can get back to planting the garden and mowing grass.  Right now I’ll just feed the fire.