black friday

Friday, 11/27/2015

And no, I am not going shopping.  I saw the look in peoples eyes on Wednesday when I went to the grocery store for a jar of little white onions, they had that madness in them and I just won’t go out today.  At least not to a store.  Maybe to the ice rink for some exercise: Round and round with the kids.  Let me tell you – ice-skating is the most economical way to have fun in town.  Rutland City should be very proud of its Giorgetti Arena in Pine Hill Park.  It is amazing how far they have come in just a few years.  After a donation of ice-making machinery and closing in the arena it has developed into a first-class facility.  The Recreation and Parks Department offers public skating, hockey, skating classes, even curling all winter.  For a senior the price is right, and some days it’s free!

Jeanne and I enjoyed Thanksgiving day with my brother Arnie and his wife Janet and their two grown girls Madalyn and Emily.   Madalyn is in her last year of veterinary school, Emily is just finishing college and we are all very proud of them.  We ate and ate and in the late afternoon hiked through the woods, wearing red of course, to work the heavy meal off a bit.  It was nice for us having a traditional Thanksgiving after missing the last two.  But this turkey dinner was the second one for us, all of us, in less than a week.  dinner@meadows.2

Last Sunday we gathered with our Mom at her care-home, The Meadows, in Rutland and enjoyed the fact that we could be with her again on one of her favorite times of the year.  Her spirits were up and it was obvious that she was having fun, a break in her routine perhaps, so we had a good time too.

Eleanor, Emily and Madalyn Kirbach


The weather has been unusually warm for November, today it’s back in the fifties with a pleasant southerly wind, sun and blue-ish skies.

We’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.