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Just a dusting.

There has been a marked swing toward colder weather this past week with a few flakes of  snow sticking to the grass last Saturday afternoon when a blast of Canadian air swooped down on us.  Nothing out of the ordinary in Vermont of course – where would we be without snow?  It didn’t last much more than an hour melting as quickly as it came down but it made us realize that serious weather is nearly upon us.


Killington, the ski area, which is about fifteen miles from here turned on their guns, made a little snow and opened for the season.  They do it every year just to be first.  We laugh but skiers from down-country believe it.  Today the temperature is in the fifties.

Tinmouth, VT

On Sunday we took a ride for one last look at the Fall foliage before  wind and rain knocks the leaves off the trees.  This year has been the best for color that we can remember.  We drove south through the little towns of Tinmouth and Pawlet then crossed over the New York border into Granville before heading back home.  It’s remarkable how much more beautiful the scenery is in Vermont. 😉

Jeanne and I finished covering up our sailboat after winterizing it’s plumbing and engine for the season.  It had been two years since we had had to do the job and it took us five full days, being complicated by an accumulation of Stuff that had to be brought home.  We had all summer to have done that chore but of course didn’t and remnants of our life on board remained hidden in lockers and drawers all throughout the boat.  Seashells, strange seedpods, maps and pamphlets for tourists have been gathered up and now are here at home waiting for disposal, or more likely just a new cubbyhole for their final resting place.  We’ve come to the conclusion that our heirs can clean it all up…


The new cat I wrote about last is becoming less and less skittish around us.  She may make a good house cat yet.     Halloween is nine days away and she looks the part.

Oh, before I forget to mention it, the re-caulked woodstove works great!

rpk, 10/22/2015

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Day to day life in the hills of Vermont.

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