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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Great weather today, lots of sun and heat.  Thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon.

I must have overdone it yesterday cutting firewood because I’ve felt it since: Sore stomach muscles last night and a painful stitch in my side this morning.  My powerful 056 Stihl chainsaw was fine thirty years ago but now it’s just too heavy for my old bones.  The smaller and much lighter Poulan saw is fine on limbs and small trees but doesn’t cut the larger logs very well.  The big Stihl will chomp through a 14 inch thick log without any strain – it’s just me.


U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, the only Vermonter running for president…

Bernie has been our favorite politician of any stripe for many years and, now that he is in the national arena in a big way, politics has become far more interesting. Bernie’s message, for those who may not know, has not wavered in all the years and different offices he’s attained. It’s a social and reasonable message which makes sense to most Vermonters who have watched in disgust as the country plunged deeper and deeper into authoritarianism, corporate-led money worship, and the politicization of religion.  All factors leading to the despair of ordinary citizens.

Trash Talk!
Trash Talk !

I am not speculating that even if Bernie won, things would immediately turn humanistic but that the turn would have an eventual chance.  The campaign will be an ugly one, no doubt of that, but if anyone is able to take the heat it’s Bernie Sanders.


Jeanne, my wife, is on the road to recovery after battling Lyme disease since the beginning of July.  She still has a couple weeks of antibiotic treatment to go but her appetite’s returned and she is gradually taking back control of her household – pushing me back to my place.  Cooking is still my domain, and she seems to appreciate my doing it, however I don’t cook very ‘heart-healthy’, so I anticipate losing my job there as well.

Off Nevis. Feb. 2015
Off Nevis. Feb. 2015

Keeping house is an all consuming job and she’s welcome to take it back – that way I can get back to my boat!

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