sickness, health and wood

It came as a surprise, suddenly my new web server that had taken almost a month to set up went dark, no access, no explanation.  And none needed, really, because it’s always operator error, always.  So, a lot more time was spent and now the site is back up.  For how long, no one knows.

Summer’s half-way indicator.

For the second, or maybe even a third time Jeanne contracted Lyme disease from the deer ticks that live in abundance in the woods and fields around our house up here in Ira.  This time it’s been a bear.  She ran a high fever for two weeks and had no appetite, a bad case of trots and aches and pains all over.  It hasn’t completely gone away and its been twenty-one days today.  The only good thing is that the doctor prescribed an antibiotic early, even before they had a positive diagnosis and that, we hope, will beat the bug.  Lyme has some ugly and debilitating results if left untreated and treatment has to be started as soon as possible to be effective.  It has become a real epidemic in New England and should get a lot more medical attention, I feel, than it has received.

Walkabout, our sailboat, sits alone these days out on Lake Champlain with no one to sail her.  We want to get back aboard, and will as soon as we can.  There is a whole month of summer left and another after that before she has to come out of the water for the winter.

Firewood, they say, warms you twice. When you carry it, and when you burn it.

With winter coming I’ve been playing lumberjack as often as I can with six trees lopped off and cut into stove length blocks waiting to be split.  It takes a dozen moderate size ash, oak or cherry trees to provide us enough firewood each year, about two and a half cords, a four by four by eight foot stack x 2.5. That’s a lot of wood – and sweat.


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